• Image of Pre-Order Edition 2 —Cycling The Paper Road
  • Image of Pre-Order Edition 2 —Cycling The Paper Road
  • Image of Pre-Order Edition 2 —Cycling The Paper Road

The first edition of Cycling The Paper Road was a great success and the book reached many parts of the world, from Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Taiwan & Saudi Arabia . There were some customers who missed out on ordering a copy from the first print run, as only 100 were printed.
If there is enough interest (covering costs of re-print) I will get the book printed, later in the year. This product page is for you to order by showing interest and only £1 is charged, which will be deducted from the future sale (see it as a small deposit). The price for the book will be around £35 (but may change due to costs at time of production). I will update those that have shown interest (from paying £1).

Edition 2 (Summer/Autumn 2023)
Cycling the Paper Road, A Photographic Journey
by Jack Blake, will be released from mid December 2022.

Going against the grain: 2 women cycling through 23 countries & riding over 18,000 km. This photographic & illustrative book transports you through landscapes, people, places & highlights shifting cultural tones.

Jack Blake & Barbara Salvadori set out to ‘cycle the paper road’. Their aim was to document the journey through photography, sketchbooks & journals, researching papermakers along the way. But what they didn’t envisage was the magnitude of experiences that would unfold.

Book Details:
469 Photographs & illustrations throughout, full colour printed book.
310 pages
Soft cover
Size: 200x250mm (portrait)

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